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☰ Change Pool

Currently we charge 0.02% fee until 09/09/2018. Starting with 09/10/2018, fee will increase with 0.01% weekly until will reach 1%.

50% will go to charitable organisations (NPO), skilled peoples that want to be part from our community, founder of the coin & 50% will go to the pool for upgrades and bills.

0 Sol - 2KSol (Single GPU) Server URL: stratum+tcp://zel.bitpool.ro:3037

1KSol - 10 KSol (Multiple GPU) Server URL: stratum+tcp://zel.bitpool.ro:4037

50 KSol and more (Middle Farm, NiceHash) Server URL: stratum+tcp://zel.bitpool.ro:4038

100 KSol and more (Big Farm, NiceHash) Server URL: stratum+tcp://zel.bitpool.ro:4039

Algorithm: 144_5 - Pers: ZelProof - Username: your wallet address.Worker1 - Password: anything

Payment Mode: PPLNT. Payout starts from 0.1.

Anonymous mining and privacy.

Detailed statistics for all your rigs.

Frequently maintained Stratum/Pool code.

Stable and DDOS protected Server.

10.000 Mbps - Super high speed internet connection.

Daily data backup.

99.9% network uptime.

 Zelcash Pool Stats
0 Miners
0 Workers
0.00 Sol/s (Now)
... (Avg)
Luck Infinity Days
 Zelcash Network Stats
Block Height: 166604
Network Hash/s: 236.65 KSol/s
Difficulty: 3215.868123442592
Node Connections: 38
 Zelcash Blocks Found    2 Blocks    Paid: 299.99931452 ZEL  
Block: 141616 Tue Aug 14 2018 21:24:22 GMT+0300 (EEST) Paid
Block: 141092 Tue Aug 14 2018 03:48:21 GMT+0300 (EEST) Paid
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